Our approach is based on a strong and close collaboration with our clients, from the initial definition of objectives to final implementation through tailored cost optimization solutions.

Our objective is to provide an operational and sustainable support to any purchasing organisation, working on Direct and/or Indirect Procurement expenses.

We believe that to achieve effective and sustainable results, a purchasing diagnostic is mandatory.

Phase 1

This phase aims at assessing the overall purchasing spend in order to identify the potential savings per commodity.


There are 3 majors steps Mapping - Benchmark - Action Plan generating quick wins for commodities with immediate savings.


Results from the diagnostic will allow to put in place an action plan to:

- significantly reduce the purchasing costs

- improve or maintain the current level of quality

- make the purchasing initiatives sustainable


Phase 2

During this phase, Optimal Cost implements a cost optimization program for the commodities where the savings are the most significant.

Each step has its own measurable objectives and deliverables.

Our consultants continuously strive to exceed our clients' expectations and will use best in class methodologies to implement pragmatic and hands-on solutions generating quick sustainable wins.

Phase 3

This final phase is made of 5 modules that are usually quoted at a later stage.

The main objective is to help our clients benefit from the results of the cost optimization project on a long term basis.