Optimal Cost’s methodology puts the emphasis on the following topics:


- Empowering the team with expert consultants: Optimal Cost consultants have worked in procurement and sourcing departments in different industries and have first-hand knowledge and experience of the market prices and trends for the commodities they will be working on. We will ensure that we choose the right Optimal Cost consultants for your project as we want them to speak the same 'language' as your own procurement and R&D team members.


- Benchmarking your current purchasing expenses (direct/indirect) thanks to a full purchasing diagnostic : thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, partners and experts, we will identify the cost reduction opportunities that will allow your company to increase its growth margin.


- Understanding strategic Sourcing of suppliers and services: Our consultants can help review and upgrade your current sourcing strategy, help rationalize your supplier portfolio through spend analysis and/or put in place strategic partnerships with new suppliers that we will have sourced for you. We will identify the purchasing levers that will give leverage to your team in their relationship with their suppliers.