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Optimal Cost Alumni

Consulting does not have to be boring


I joined Optimal Cost in 2017 with no prior consulting experience. Since then, I have gained invaluable consulting experience and exposure to different types of projects. Thanks to internal and external trainings, I am now a fully autonomous consultant who is recognized by clients for the added value I bring to their project teams.  I also truly appreciate working for a company that deeply cares about me and my well-being. 

Gowri Subramaniam, Consultant

Optimal Cost Team


Working at Optimal Cost as an intern not only gave me the tools and skills to make a huge step forward in my professional progression, it also made me experience a new way of doing consulting. Far from the standards of the industry, the team I worked with offers a hundred percent tailored people- and excellence-oriented expertise.

Optimal Cost Team


I started my career with Optimal Cost in 2016 where I learnt the basics of consulting. Before this experience, I barely knew what it was to be a consultant and how to work in such a challenging environment.

Progressively, the team helped me consolidate my expertise and knowledge in procurement consulting where we delivered sustainable value to our client and build customer trust. Cedric and Emma have been great counsellors to me and this experience has definitely added a value to my career path!

Optimal Cost Team


I had the opportunity to work for Optimal Cost during my time in Singapore. 
Aside from the great team spirit I found, I have not only learned what a Consultant must DO but as well as how he must BE. 
Having the opportunity to manage (or be involved in) large scale projects and C-Level stakeholders is challenging but a career fast track especially surrounded by a skilled team.

Optimal Cost Team


I enjoyed being part of this multicultural team comprised of great professionals from all walks of life. Expectations are set high for all members of the team, even the youngest ones and I was asked to work independently early after my onboarding. The learning curve was indeed steep, but it allowed me to gain new skills very fast. It also allowed me to identify natural abilities that I have but had not been aware of prior to working at Optimal Cost. I would recommend working at Optimal Cost to young graduates who want a challenge and want to have a real impact.

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