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IT Procurement Services

Leverage on our experts to design cost-efficient sourcing strategies and manage call for tenders. 

Design and Deploy IT Sourcing Strategy​

We work with our clients to design a robust IT sourcing strategy – a major lever to drive cost savings while enhancing the flexibility to scale and adjust based on business needs.


We help our clients:

  • Determine if capabilities should be outsourced or built up internally

  • Assess areas where strategic partners can significantly boost operational efficiency

  • Deploy IT Sourcing best practices in a pragmatic fashion

IT Procurement and Vendor Management

We assist our clients in managing calls for tender across various IT Procurement services, ranging from hardware, software, digital and intellectual services. Our dedicated team bring about industry expertise and are kept abreast of the latest developments in the enterprise technology market.

We assist our clients in:

  • Providing a holistic competitive landscape scan of technology vendors and providers

  • Running and managing call for tenders

  • Conducting negotiation with providers

  • Setting up and deploying Vendor Management teams within IT organizations

IT Procurement
IT Sourcing Strategy

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