IT Advisory Services

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Organization and People Advisory

We design solutions tailored to your organisation needs.

Our suite of services include:

  • Design IT transformation roadmap

  • Coach and mentor staff

  • Design and deploy transformation governance

People Advisory

Process Advisory

We recommend innovative, pragmatic and easily deployable solutions and commit to successful implementation to realise targeted outcomes.

We assist our clients in:

  • Auditing and optimising existing processes

  • Designing and deploying recommendations

  • Providing holistic change management within the organisation

  • Conducting in-depth risk analysis and recommending achievable action plans

Process Advisory

Business Cases

Worldwide IT Transformation Program for a Global Bank

Our client is a leading global bank, with regional headquarters set up in Singapore. In a bid to lower costs, the Group CIO and Regional CIO has tasked us to design and implement an IT strategy to offshore FTEs for the region.

We helped our client to formalise a target offshoring ratio for the IT organization, working closely with Senior Management to implement the transformation. We provided coaching to internal stakeholders across 5 countries to ensure the effectiveness of the transformation, as well as advised Site Managers and Program Managers to steer the initiative.

The client was successfully able to offshore 150 FTEs over 2 years, achieving S$4.2 million in cost savings annually.

Cloud Transformation Project for a Global Bank

Our client is a leading global bank who has embarked on a Global Cloud transformation project as part of its digital transformation plan, in aim of addressing changing customers’ expectations and improving the bank’s operational efficiency. The Regional CIO has tasked us to assess and advise on how the bank can implement its Cloud strategy while also ensuring that the security of all its customer data is kept secure.

We helped our client estimate business case savings, design cloud governance and workflow processes and manage the overall project timeline and budget allocation.

As a result, the client was able to identify use cases for the entire organization cloud strategy and is in the process of deploying their first application into the cloud.

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