Procurement Advisory

We take care of all your procurement related challenges.

Cost Optimisation Advisory

We improve the bottom line.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Benchmark and analyse your company’s expenses

  • Conduct holistic procurement maturity diagnostic

  • Run and manage cost reduction programs

  • Run and manage the call for tenders and negotiations with vendors

  • Design and deploy sourcing strategies

  • Put in place robust category management processes

  • Prepare an exhaustive spend analysis

Cost Optimisation Advisory
Procurement Process Advisory

Procurement Process Advisory

We design processes customized to your needs that will increase productivity and traceability.

We help our clients to:

  • Audit and optimise existing processes

  • Design and deploy recommendations

  • Provide holistic change management within the organisation

  • Conduct in-depth risk analysis and recommend achievable action plans

eProcurement Advisory

We facilitate your journey towards procurement digitalisation and automation.

Topics we can tackle:

  • Redesign and streamline existing processes

  • Define software key features needed

  • Manage software sourcing and call for tender

  • Protect the client’s interest during the tool’s implementation phase

eProcurement Advisory

Business Case

Cost saving program for a leading retailer in Singapore

Our client is a renowned retailer, with multiple departmental stores set up across Singapore and Malaysia. To save cost and optimize existing procurement processes, the Group CEO engaged us to assess and identify optimization opportunities, with a focus on their Indirect Spend categories.

We prioritized optimizing 4 key work-streams across Advertising, Freight, Marketing Printed Collaterals and Packaging to conduct impactful cost savings initiatives while providing key negotiation advisory to our client. Throughout the engagement, we also managed to successfully instigate deep mindset changes to implement procurement best practices within the organization.

As a result, our client successfully managed to achieve a significant 27% cost reduction, saving approximately 2.7 Mi$ across multiple categories over the next two quarters. We also managed to successfully streamline their existing supplier portfolio, with a massive consolidation of 18 providers into one key provider for their Print provider portfolio.

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