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Procurement for Manufacturing and R&D projects.

Contract Manufacturing
Advanced Sourcing

Advanced Sourcing

Our expertise in the electronics industry makes us your partner of choice to drive new product development, design to cost and redesign to cost initiatives.

Our consultants will work hand in hand with your R&D department and/or your Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) partner in order to ensure that the right suppliers and the right technologies are selected at the beginning of the project.

​Driving such a project in an advanced sourcing mode is the key to a successful TCO (total cost of ownership) approach.

We work with technical experts who can assist your R&D team if needed for product architecture, key component design and technology selection.

Factory Support

For clients who work with third party production sites in Asia and have no local team to assist, Optimal Cost can offer its factory support services.


We can address any topic from quality management, manufacturing support to new product introduction and industrial transfers. The scope of work is defined by your company and is fully flexible. The duration of the assignment is also completely flexible, and our team of specialists are available on-site in Asia to support your growth in critical times.

Our dedicated team member will work together with you to ensure that your company's best interests are always a priority for your manufacturing partner. This local support will improve drastically the turnaround time of your projects in the region.

Factory Support

Contract Manufacturing

We help clients externalizing their production identify the right partners in the right locations, in line with their supply chain strategy. We support our clients from the definition of the objectives of their manufacturing strategy to the benchmark, selection and management of the manufacturing partner. We put in place the processes and the tools needed by the client’s team in order to manage a healthy and fruitful relationship with their new manufacturing partner.

For clients who are already working with manufacturing partners, we provide the following services:

  • Commodity Strategy review: a benchmark of the prices of commodities controlled by the manufacturing partner (MP); reallocation of MP and client-controlled commodities.

  • Costing Model review and benchmark

  • Cost of goods sold negotiation and manufacturing added value review

  • Industrial Transfer project management: Support and drive the client’s team when the production is relocated from one manufacturing location to another for cost or other strategic reasons. The focus is to work with the manufacturing partners and suppliers involved to ensure no disruption in the supply of raw materials and in the production of the finished goods.

  • Call for Tender for SAP Infrastructure Design & Deployment for a Retail Giant
    Our client is a travel retailer of luxury goods, with stores located in over 14 countries worldwide. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they were looking for a strategic partner to deploy and manage a specific set of services on their SAP infrastructure. We led the end-to-end call of tender on behalf of the client. Key activities included designing an RFP framework to analyze submitted bids from scratch, conducting negotiations with bidders and coaching key stakeholders on IT Procurement best practices.
  • Vendor Management Office Deployment for a Global Bank
    Our client is a global bank, with regional headquarters set up in Singapore. The CIO has engaged us to assess their current supplier relationships and to set up a Vendor Management Office within the bank. We led the end-to-end RFP process, while implementing and coaching internal stakeholders on Procurement best practices. We also performed a Suppliers Matrix Overview for the bank and led negotiations on existing contract terms with key providers. As a result, the client was successfully able to achieve 224% ROI within one month, while ensuring that 100% of projects started on time.

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