Supply Market Intelligence

For Procurement by Procurement.

We write fully customized supply market intelligence reports for procurement teams.

Why is supply market intelligence important for Procurement?

In what ways have our clients leveraged supply market intelligence?

  • To prevent risks: to prevent supply shortages and anticipate price increases.

  • To identify opportunities: anticipate price drops and identify alternative products or technology.

  • To improve bargaining power: use intelligence as leverage during vendor negotiations.

Supply Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence Report

What do our supply market intelligence reports usually include?

  • Price and lead time trends on spend categories & commodities/components selected by the client

  • Market news and trends

  • Client industry and competitors monitoring (if applicable)

  • Anything else you might deem relevant to your industry and/or company. Our reports are fully customized to meet your needs.

How does it work?

  1. Client selects spend categories & commodities to monitor.

  2. Client defines report recurrence.

  3. Clients highlights any specific company or part number pricing to monitor.

  4. OC market intelligence team starts the research and analysis work.

  5. OC procurement team reviews and validates report draft. 

  6. OC sends matter of fact and easy to read reports to the client’s procurement team.

How does it work?

Business Case

Market intelligence for a home appliances manufacturer

Our client is a worldwide renowned home electronics appliances manufacturer, with over with S$7.7 billion in turnover and +12,0000 employees. To gain better pricing visibility of their raw materials for their procurement and manufacturing teams, our client engaged us to develop monthly market intelligence reports on a diverse range of categories (e.g. semiconductors, resins, packaging…).

We helped our client perform monthly monitoring of selected categories, and forecasted category pricing and lead-time trends based on an in-depth analysis of each category’s market drivers, industry dynamics, key constraints and overall market news.

Over the year, we co-designed with our client to produce 12 fully customized reports, which were shared and used by over 20 unique teams in our client environment. Overall, we received exceptional C-level feedback on our high-value add, which resulted in a successful renewal of the project.

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