Supplier Diversity

Give a boost to your Supplier Diversity program.

What is Supplier Diversity?

A diverse supplier is a business that is at least 51% owned and operated by an individual or group that is part of a traditionally underrepresented or underserved group. Common classifications are minority-owned enterprises (MBEs), women-owned enterprises (WBEs) and small-business enterprises(SBEs). Over time, the definition of diversity has expanded to include businesses owned by other minority groups such as LGBTQ and proprietors with disabilities.

Supplier Diversity
Business Goal

Why is it important for your business?

Putting in place a Supplier Diversity program will first and foremost showcase your company’s high moral and ethical standards, but it will also allow your company to:

  • Access to new suppliers, innovative solutions and cost savings through increased competition;

  • Anticipate diverse customers’ needs, increase market share and shareholder value;

  • Recruit and retain talent seeking work that has an impact;

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility;

  • Support local communities and economies where your company does business, buys from and operates.

Start a Supplier Diversity Initiative

Your company understands the value of Supplier Diversity and wants to launch a Supplier Diversity program. Here are ways we can help kickstart this initiative:

  • Define Supplier Diversity program KPIs and reporting tools

  • Identify diversity categories that suit your company and geography

  • Get introduced to the relevant certification bodies

Start Supplier Diversity Initiative
Unlock the Potential of Your Existing Supply Base

Unlock the Potential of Your Existing Supply Base

Your company recently put in place a Supplier Diversity program in your country/region. Here are ways we can support:

  • Run and manage complete supplier outreach program

  • Identify existing and potential diverse suppliers in your current supply base

  • Support vendors and client during the vendors' certification process

Identify New Diverse Suppliers Who Suit Your Needs

We can help you identify the right diverse vendors for your organization by:

  • Sourcing new diverse vendors to achieve supplier diversity goals.

  • Managing call for tenders.

  • Helping during the qualification of new diverse vendors

  • Managing new vendor onboarding & registration

Identify new diverse suppliers
Develop a Supplier Development Program

Put in Place a Supplier Development Program

Go the extra mile and let us help you make your company attractive to diverse suppliers by:

  • Adapting and streamlining your current RFI & RFQ Process

  • Adapting your contract requirement to smaller suppliers

  • Putting in a place a Supplier development program

Business Case

Diverse Supplier Program Setup for Global FMCG Company

Our client is a global consumer health company with footprints across 60 countries worldwide. To promote innovation, social responsibility and healthy supplier competition, our client was looking for a partner to help them implement a Diverse Supplier Program across APAC for 8 markets.

We helped our client perform specific market research on a wide range of diverse supplier categories and identified locally relevant diverse categories for each market. We also co-designed an APAC Diverse Supplier Program Framework and helped to develop a program toolkit which included the documented framework, as well as auto-screening qualifying and monitoring tools.

As a result, our client was able to successfully develop a robust foundation to launch their Diverse Supplier Program, with new visibility of diverse supplier definitions, qualifying criteria and local accreditation bodies across 6 unique diverse categories scanned across the 8 markets. Our recommendations were also customized to the local, cultural, political and legal framework of each market, enabling our client to implement the program seamlessly in the future.

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