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New forged partnership between Motus Asia & Optimal Cost

To answer the needs of our clients and market demand, the two companies are now partners and offer a full suite of complementary services.

This collaboration aims not only to reinforce the commercial bond between Portuguese Speaking countries and Asia, via Singapore, but also to provide a “One Stop Shop” of all matters related to internationalization strategies between Asia and Portuguese Speaking countries.

The two founders, Daniela and Emma both believe that in order to move forward it is necessary to build strong ties, based on trust, equality and inclusion.

The founders aim to build this partnership in a way that not only will meet but exceed the expectations of new and existing clients, as well as the community in which they operate, nurturing the already existing bond between Portuguese Speaking countries and Asia.

Some of our services include:

Consulting & Corporate Services:

  • Support and guidance of foreigner company incorporation in SG

  • Business and sales representative in the country

  • Business matching services and prospection of potential partners

  • Mapping incubators and accelerators programs as well as investment search

  • Organisation and representation in fairs, forums, and events in Singapore

  • Organization of business missions and agendas

  • Set up of physical office in Singapore, along with recruitment (selection process) of staff (HR, admin, marketing, etc.)

Marketing Services:

  • Marketing plan and strategy for approach in Singapore

  • Market research - Asia as a new market for sale of goods/services

Supply Chain Services:

  • Partner sourcing in Asia (supplier, subcontractor, factory)

  • Supply Chain representative in Asia

  • Freight & Logistics within Asia, to & from Asia

  • Recruitment (Selection process) IT & Supply Chain

Motus is specialized in connecting and facilitating business development and internationalization of the brand “Lusofonia”, supporting companies in all industries to penetrate the Singaporean space.

Optimal Cost is a Singapore-headquartered 100% women-owned consultancy specialised in supply chain and IT.

Leveraging on its dual footprint in Singapore and Portugal, Optimal Cost aims at supporting companies from Portuguese speaking countries that want to make Singapore their gateway to South East Asia for all matters related to supply chain, sourcing, engineering, manufacturing, and IT.


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